Jayce N./Biskit (cherryboiy) wrote in hapacuties,
Jayce N./Biskit

The Book... Finally

SO! Eddys book is dropping on the 10th of next month.

Its a semi autobiographical novel, and I'm a main character. It's in chinese, um, lol, so yeah, if you can read chinese check it out, here's the publishers page for the book.

Eddy used to be Hai Yan's assistant and hes backing the book also, btw if you dont know who Hai Yan is, the most obvious credit I can think of is that he produced Lan Yu, the first chinese gay film. Which btw if you havnt seen you should.

His book is being made into a movie and tv show(mainland), so keep your fingers crossed that all goes well and I get to play myself, lol.

He uses my real name, so let's see if anyone can guess who is me, lol.

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