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APPLICATION [December 17, 2008
@ 9:31pm]
Name: Jayce H.
Location:Beijing, China
Ethnicities: Us Caucasian/ Han Chinese
Favorite Music: Adele, Amy Winehouse,
Favorite Movies: Elephant, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Death Proof
Favorite Books/Authors: Behind the Attick Wall, Roots
Hobbies/Interests: very eclectic. urban exploration sometimes, or just work..
Something you feel really strongly about: opening up of media in this country
One interesting fact about yourself: I'm have a currently running tv show in the mainland
5 or more CLEAR Pictures:
PicsCollapse )
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application! [March 01, 2008
@ 10:07am]

Name: Autumn
Age: 17
Location: Texas.
Ethnicities: 1/2 filipino. German, Irish, English, Scottish.
Favorite Music: Indie Rock.
Favorite Movies: Stardust, Juno, The Devil Wears Prada, Kill Bill.
Favorite Books/Authors: Annette Kurtis Clause, Amy Tan.
Hobbies/Interests: Drawing, reading, Tennis!
Something you feel really strongly about: love ;D i know. cheesy.
One interesting fact about yourself:I'm exactly 5 foot tall :D

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[February 09, 2008
@ 4:48pm]


Hey guys, guess my ethnicity, and anything else!

The link if you can't see it:
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stamped [January 19, 2008
@ 1:51pm]

It's been about a billion years since I posted last, I finally graduated college and got a real job. Weeeeird. I'm old.

let's danceCollapse )


to Joy DivisionCollapse )
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stamped :: hurrcut [December 13, 2006
@ 3:40am]

I chopped off all my hair! ahh!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

warning: the pictures are slightly large.

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Application [November 21, 2006
@ 7:25pm]

Name: Kristina

Age: 22 (just this Sunday, w00t!)

Location: NYC

Ethnicities: Short Version: Chinese/Eastern European. Long Version: Chinese, maybe a teeny bit Filipino, Polish, Russian, Italian, Ukranian.

Favorite Music: Simon and Garfunkel (dont laugh!), Elliott Smith, Incubus, Vertical Horizon, Smashing Pumpkins, Bjork, The Eels, Rufus Wainwright, Barenaked Ladies.

Favorite Movies: Napoleon Dynamite, The Meaning of Life, Shrek, Shrek 2, Life of Brian, Dawn of the Dead, South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut, Amelie, Anchorman, Zoolander, Pirates of the Carribean, Airplane!, House on Haunted Hill, Sleepy Hollow, Fame, Bewitched, The Shining, good porn, Time Bandits, Monty Python and The Holy Grail, Im Gonna Git You Sucka!, Shaun of the Dead, Chocolat, Fight Club, Stir of Echoes, Brain Candy...list goes on...

Favorite Books/Authors: I currently have this bizarre obsession with Jean M. Auel's "Clan of the Cave Bear" series.....I like to call it my 'caveman-slash' even though it sicks people out. Eh other than that, Ill kind of read anything thrown my way. I love Stephen King (Dark Tower Series anyone? mmm) and random old medical textbooks I can find at Strand bookstore in the $1 racks.

Hobbies/Interests: Well I'm an art student, so of course art is a major part of my life. Love going to museums, educational thigies, etc. Im not much of a party girl, more interested in being with a few close friends for dinner than say, doing lines off a hookers ass in a bathroom. Wow that was random but I guess thats just a way of describing a good/bad Saturday night for me. Aside from that I like random documentaries, wandering the streets of New York City, thrifting for ugly threads, posing as a hipster, and fawning over puppies I see in shop windows.

Something you feel really strongly about: I like to believe that for all that we live in this crazy world, and we want to follow the downward spiral, that for a world to have the power to create such mayhem and destruction, such power can also be used for good. It takes a strong, individual person to be good and have a true heart, and a weak one to fall into the ether and simply do what is selfish, and I'd like to think that a good person who gets pushed around in this world eventually gets their reward.

One interesting fact about yourself: Hm. I didnt start speaking until I was almost 3 years old. Yes.

5 or more CLEAR Pictures:
Exactly 5.Collapse )
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stamped [October 15, 2006
@ 9:47pm]

I haven't posted in a bazillion years. So I figured I'd condense bits from the summer and the beginning of what shall be a fabulous last year of college.

no, really buttercupCollapse )

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

why do ya build me up?Collapse )
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xAPPLICATIONx [October 03, 2006
@ 4:41pm]

[ mood | Busy as hell ]

Name: Anna Marie

Age: 16, Febuary 1st

Location: Hell--er--uh--I mean, South Carolina

Ethnicities:(Hahaha almost no)japanese(from Mommy), (I got alot of)Irish(from daddy-o), Middle Eastern(Also from mommy, again, I look nothing like a middle easterner =D)

Favorite Music: David Bowie, The Doors, Faith No More, Every Time I Die, Fiona Apple, Ray Charles, Rancid, Sublime, Led Zeplin, the Goo Goo Dolls, Beck, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, Oomph!, Oingo Boingo, Depeche Mode, Johnny Cash, Judy Garland, Offspring, Interpol, Pink Floyd, Placebo, Queen, Radio Head, The Faint, Arcade Fire, Erasure, Duran Duran, Air, Dir en Grey, Tokio Hotel, Type O Negative, The Cure, Danzig, Deftones, The Doors, Fuel, The Pillows, should I go on?

Favorite Movies: A Clockwork Orange, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Exorsist, The Wizard of Oz, anything with Charlie Chaplin, Rent, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Lord of the Flies, Anger Managment.

Favorite Books/Authors: Once Again, A Clockwork Orange, anything by H.P. Lovecraft, Steven King

Hobbies/Interests: I love art, and I'm a drummer. I've been drawing for ages, and I started drumming when I was 7.

Something you feel really strongly about: The freedom to love who you want unconditionally without worrying about being beat down in the street, or having your house broken in to. As a victim of a gay bashing, as they so eloquently put it, because it's not consitered a 'hate crime' in the legal system yet, I believe strongly that we should step back and take a long look at what we think is a hate crime...

One interesting fact about yourself: My dad was sprayed with agent orange, had a low sperm count, and my mom was supposed to not be able to have children, and I was supposed to be a miscarriage. But I wasnt't! So here I am!

Loooong application~

Visual TerrorCollapse )
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chinkyrice, a new asian rating community [September 05, 2006
@ 6:21pm]

simple and new.
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I <3 hapas. [July 13, 2006
@ 10:20pm]

Saw this community, and thought Why not?
Application time? Right on...

Name: Julianna [with two n's].
Age: Nineteen going on twenty.
Location: Southern California.
Ethnicities: [Short version] Half Filipino, half Caucasion. [Long version] Filipino, Spanish, Malaysian, Irish, French & Welsh [as far as I know].
Favorite Music: Classic rock, alternative, indie, screamo, underground, '80's new wave, electro, acoustic, jazz, oldies, ska, REAL hip-hop.
Favorite Movies: The Shawshank Redemption, A Clockwork Orange, The Goonies, Kill Bill, Fight Club, American Beauty, Amelie, The Rules of Attraction, Nightmare Before Christmas, Y Tu Mama Tambien...to name a FEW.
Favorite Books/Authors: Virtually anything by Stephen King, James Patterson, Chuck Palahniuk, Albert Camus and Dan Brown.
Hobbies/Interests: The human mind (I'm a Psych. major), art in every form, TRAVELING, cultures, dancing, concerts, wasting time online, etc.
Something you feel really strongly about: As cliche' as it may sound, I believe strongly that everyone should trust their insticts, live by their own code of ethics, and BE THEMSELF all the way, and NEVER change for anyone. Yeah, that about sums it up.
One interesting fact about yourself: I can lick my elbow! ...and I have yet to find another person who can, too.

Visual stimulation.Collapse )
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[June 30, 2006
@ 1:41am]

i decided to take on crossyourmind's cue and make a post too!

some recent clothes i gotCollapse )
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Bump! [June 29, 2006
@ 8:02pm]

There hasn't been a post for like... a month, so, I thought I'd post a couple new pictures.

Bump!Collapse )
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The Book... Finally [May 31, 2006
@ 1:42pm]

SO! Eddys book is dropping on the 10th of next month.

Its a semi autobiographical novel, and I'm a main character. It's in chinese, um, lol, so yeah, if you can read chinese check it out, here's the publishers page for the book.

Eddy used to be Hai Yan's assistant and hes backing the book also, btw if you dont know who Hai Yan is, the most obvious credit I can think of is that he produced Lan Yu, the first chinese gay film. Which btw if you havnt seen you should.

His book is being made into a movie and tv show(mainland), so keep your fingers crossed that all goes well and I get to play myself, lol.

He uses my real name, so let's see if anyone can guess who is me, lol.

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[May 29, 2006
@ 6:29pm]
My bfs labels first artists album dropped this month, debuting in the mainland top 10, yay!

Check him out!

Im going to be posting his album sometime soon, up at azn_radio All legal too, lol, since he owns everything, and said i could post it up to the LJ community ;).
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stamped [May 12, 2006
@ 12:11am]

[ mood | crazy ]

a random update:

So last night my sorority had an Around the World party with one of our fave frats, Kappa Sigma. I had no idea what I should wear so I ended up quasi dressing as a French girl, aka I carried around a baguette and Parliaments. Yep, I'm a classy, classy girl.

hooty hooCollapse )

stay classy, cuties.
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[February 06, 2006
@ 9:18pm]

hey i just filled out an app. at fetish_fucks and i need a community to promote them in, so even tho i doubt that's anyone's cup of tea in here...

i promoted us there too so maybe there'll be another hapa or 2 lol who knows
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hii [January 31, 2006
@ 4:04pm]
i'm hereee! yes i still exist. what bout the rest of you guys?

cheeeseCollapse )

you know what to do ;]
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stamped [January 31, 2006
@ 12:21pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

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peektures [January 15, 2006
@ 3:20pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

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mod // i geuss the theme should be xmas or something? [December 27, 2005
@ 5:06am]


i got suspenders and monopoly money for christmasCollapse )
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[December 22, 2005
@ 12:02pm]

Okay, so I feel bad because I washed my brother's GBA game in the washing machine. It was all dripping water and he was so sad. He paid $67 when this game came out.
Is it going to be okay, and what should I do to fix it?

Anyways, I got a 4.0 this semester, but no pics cause I have pimples right now.
some pics from ages ago, so this isn't SO boringCollapse )
I love this song so much, here it is as a present, from me to you!
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Ninjas VS Pirates Garage Battle Millenium Road to Victory Edition [December 15, 2005
@ 2:22am]

[ mood | bloodfeud ]

ain't no party like a ninjapirate party cuz a ninjapirate party nev'a STOPSCollapse )

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mod [December 02, 2005
@ 9:57am]

a statue in Bosnia honouring one of the world's greatest inspirations, and probably my biggest hero since childhood, Bruce Lee, was vandalized only hours after it was unveiled in the city of Mostar on November 26th.

there are pictures of what the bronze life-size statue looked like before it was vandalized in this here for anyone who cares

this entry is dedicated to you Bruce

my parents didn't name me after your kid for nothin palCollapse )
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Stamped/ Random Fun [November 30, 2005
@ 7:42am]
Sooooo, this is my FIRST official post. I know, I know.. slap my wrists and call me a bad girl. God.

ANYWAY! My boyfriend and I went to the zoo on Sunday. These are the ones I took with my digital.

ZOOOOOOOCollapse )
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